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All-in-one APLUS

Multifunctional power meter with display

The display
The APLUS offers all which is requested from a device with display:
• Excellent legibility from almost any distance and each angle
• Clear and explicit display of measured data
• Free composition of measurement displays
• Free allocation of alarms to status LED’s
• Free definable plaintext display for alarming
• Preference display and roll mode

Free composition of the required functions
The APLUS basic unit is already comprehensively equipped with a relay output for alarming, a digital
output, e.g. for pulse output, and a digital input, e.g. for tariff switching.
For applications where this is not sufficient, the optional I/O extensions
1 or 2 are available:
• I/O extension 1: 2 relays, 4x ±20 mA (galvanically isolated), 2 digital I/O’s 12/24 V DC
• I/O extension 2: 2 relays, 6 digital I/O’s 12/24 V DC
The digital I/Os of the I/O extensions can be configured individually as inputs or outputs.

Parametrization, service and measurement acquisition
These functions are facilitated by the included CB-Manager software. A security system can be
activated to restrict the access to device data. This way e.g. changing a limit value via display can be
locked, but a setting via configuration could still be possible.
A Modbus/RTU interface (RS-485) or an optional Ethernet interface with Modbus/TCP protocol are
available for communication.

Data logger (option)
The optional data logger can be used for the non-volatile storage of measured value progressions
(e.g. load profiles), events, alarms, meter readings and disturbance recordings. The SD card used
for storage may be replaced on-site. For a tabular or graphical analysis of the recorded data the CBAnalyzer
software is available.

Technical data
Measuring input : Nominal voltage up to 693 V (PH-Ph), nominal current up to 5 A,
override up to 7.5 A programmable, nominal frequency 50/60 Hz
Systems: Single-line AC, split phase, 3/4 wire rotary current balanced /
unbalanced load, rotating clockwise and counter-clockwise
Energy meter: Active energy incoming+outgoing, reactive energy incoming+
outgoing+inductive+capacitive for measured system as well as
incoming active and reactive energy per phase, max. 7 meters
for external variables via digital inputs. High and low tariff for all
meters, if tariff switching is active.